Casa Grande Hotel Buzios
Rua 8 - Quadra B - Lote 18
Praia João Fernades, Armação dos Búzios, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
+55 22 2623 7539 | Skype pousada.casagrande.buzios
+55 22 2623 9968
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Casagrande Hotel Boutique

Casagrande Hotel Boutique is an inn of character near the coast of Buzios, with great personality and directed by its owners, making its guests receive, since their arrival, a warm and personalized treatment. This is how Casagrande Hotel Boutique is incorporated in adventure travel. Intuitive travelers, with a well-defined taste and lovers of authentic and sophisticated style will plunge into a minimalist architectural lines that claim Casagrande one of the best hotels in Buzios and the best choice for your upcoming holidays.